Update: February 8, 2002
I am adding some preliminary documentation of the internals in case anyone cares. I will only have time to finish this project if I get kicked out of graduate school.

Update: October 1, 2000
They are working my butt off in graduate school. No time for fun until after the preliminary exams in January. Sniff.

Update: March 26, 2000
Well, after being sick for almost a year, I am going traveling for the next five months before I start graduate school. I haven't forgotten about this project, but it will have to wait!

Update: November 23, 1999
Sorry about all the delays. A much needed switch from Windows to Linux is taking all my time. That along with surgery and illness. But I will be back at this project before long!

Update: October 15, 1999
A preliminary version of AnyC is available. If you understand that this version is only $download here

Update: October 7, 1999
About one more week before it's ready. There were some really nasty bugs that have been

Update: September 24, 1999
AnyC will soon (a couple of weeks) be ready for beta testing. I need volunteers to help with debugging and feature suggestions.